About Us

Samyoung Metal, producing the best products with craftsmanship


So far, based on our know-how, as a company specializing
with only piping materials for over 50 years, we supply the best:
stainless steel pressfitting EQ joints, {(KS B 1547-General Type),
Tupress((KS B 1547-Double Type), stainless steel pipe for general piping(KS D 3595) ,
STS integrated press ball valve (patented), etc.
which are recognized for excellent quality and exported to many lands.
And in 2021, we launched pipert, an affiliate brand of Samyoung Metal products.

Conventional water pipes for drinking water not only have a short lifespan due to scale and
corrosion, but can also cause problems that lead to the aging of a building.
However, all pipert products are made of stainless steel,
and thus have superior corrosion resistance as compared to other regular pipes,
due to the passivation film of the steel pipe, which ensures a semi-permanent lifespan.

In addition, by inserting the pipe into the EQ joint and Tupress, and then
using a specialized recharging tool (a first in Korea) that can be easily pressed (5 to 20 seconds),
significantly reduces the working time and the construction cost.
Therefore, a safe and eco-friendly construction is possible at the piping facility site.

The fitting and the pipe consisting of a hexagon (body) and a round (O-ring) are connected
using a double (EQ joint) or triple (Tupress) to ensure sufficient connection strength.
And by using the highest quality rubber O-ring (EPDM), excellent performance is
obtained in maintaining hydraulic pressure (25kgf/cm2) and
high-temperature piping (hot water supply, cooling/heating, etc.)

We carefully inspect each product step by step from hydraulic to complete product inspection using various testing machines,
and all employees are doing their best to achieve zero defect.

Under the motto of " High Performance & Competitive Prices ", Samyoung Metal Co., Ltd., promises to become a company
that contributes to human health by manufacturing the best stainless steel piping materials,
providing rust-free, clean, and hygienic water to mankind.

Han Hye-suk and Kim Minjun, CEO of Samyoung Metal