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Installation Precautions

Do not damage the rubber ring.

Cut off the deformed pipe and completely remove burr.

Push the pipe fully into the line mark.

Check the line mark before pressing and push it in sufficiently

Do not make a compression mistake (pipert tool is necessary)

  • For adapter part construction, screw parts must be conducted first and then the curl part should be pressed
  • When buried in polluted soil such as animal shed, farmland, garbage landfill, corrosion by microorganisms may occur. In order to avoid this, it should be buried wrapped with vinyl or tape after a soil research and perform flow tests.
  • If left without water flow for a long period in underground burial, it may cause chemical reaction due to water content, ventilation, etc., which may cause corrosion. It is important to flow water as soon as possible.
  • Using materials containing chlorine or sulphide attachments maycausecorrosion. lnordertoavoidthis, wrap vinyl ortape.
  • Do not let straight pipes drop or touch heavy objects during the transportation or during the piping work, especially the part connected with the pipe joint should not be deformed.
  • Stainless steel pipes should not be hung up using steel wire. They should be transported using nylon wire or cloth band. In particular, large-diameter pipes should not be hung up using ste wire.
  • During temporary storage, cover stainless steel pipes with vinyl cover or security cover.
  • For a proper storage, a place where the stainlesssteel pipe would not be damaged by falling objects is to be selected. Do not store in contact with gas pipes or reinforcing bars.
  • Fittings should be kept in plastic packed state at all times. When inserting the pipe into the joint, be sure to clean it before inserting it.
  • When inserting the pipe, insert the pipe and components straight so that the rubber ring would not be damaged. If the pipe cannot be inserted smoothly, insert water directly into the rubber ring part.
  • When pressing, fit the groove of fittings to the groove of the jaw, and press the tube so that the jaw is perpendicular to the groove.
  • It is recommended to mark the compressed part with a marker to verify the compression.
  • Do not apply any physical impact by throwing or dropping when using the jaw.
  • For Tupress, crimping tools recommended by Samyoung Metal should to be used.
  • Precautions for Groundwater Use
    - When groundwater is used, special care is required because microbial corrosion (MIC) is likely to occur
    1) Landfill, coastal regions, and industrial areas are subject to chlorine-caused corrosion.
    2) There are high probability of occurrence in summer due to high temperature and humidity - Prevention Methods
    1) Flow water after water quality testing
    2) Use portable water
    3) Install water purification facility
    4) Insert corrosion inhibitor
    ※ We a re not responsible for defects due to failure to follow the instructions.


Responsible construction will be ensured by giving a construction briefing session to all the workers before the piping construction.

Applicable Standards

Stainless steel pipe for general piping (KS D 3595) 15SU ~ 100SU

Application Scope

Underground water supply pipes, water supply and hot water supply pipes inside buildings, heating and cooling pipes, fire-extinguishing pipes, electric pipes, air pipes, etc.

Materials and Quality

STS 304, KS B 1547, KS D 3595

Construction Method

  • 01 Cut Pipes

    Cut the tube so that the end of the tube is at a right angle. Use a cutter (B) specially-designed for stainless steel

    Stainless steel-cutter
    High-speed cutter
  • 02 Remove Burr

    After cutting with the high-speed cutter shown in Fig.
    C above, the burr should be thoroughly removed with a burr-remover, file (steel sharpener), etc.

    Remove Burr
  • 03 Mark Line

    The pipert line marking is displayed below. Mark the line with a special pipert line marking ruler.
    If there is no pipert line marking ruler, remove the a-ring from the socket and use that socket as a line indicator.
    Mark the line mark so it can be seen after the pipe has been pushed into the joint.

    Before inserting the
    pipe until the line mark
    After inserting the
    pipe until the line mark
  • 04 Pressing Procedure

    Insert the pipe to the end of the joint, check the line mark again, and then press it. For pipert fittings,
    crimping tools recommended by Samyoung Metal must be used. By performing crimping tool inspection periodically,
    it is possible to prevent the construction failure due to aging of the crimping tool.

    Before pressing
    After pressing
  • 05 Check Pression

    Use a hexagonal gauge to check the parts and the sum of the compression.

    Check compression
  • 06 Test Water Pressure

    The pipe corresponding to the water supply device shall test the water pressure
    specified by the water works authority (25 Kgf / cm2). The pumping pipe shall be double the pressure corresponding to
    the process before pumping, and other details shall be in accordance with the standard specification.
    Remove air completely to prevent danger, then apply pressure.



Battery-powered pressing tools

mini, RP318, medium+, big, press ACC, stainless cutter

  • 01 mini [15SU ~ 25SU]
  • 02 RP318 [15SU ~ 60SU]
  • 03 press ACC [15SU ~ 60SU]
  • 04 medium+ [15SU ~ 80SU]
  • 05 big [75SU ~ 100SU]
  • 06 stainless cutter [15SU ~ 100SU]

Jaw used only for pipert

Cautions when using rechargeable crimping tool

  • Before and after usage, clean the jaw and the machine, and check for any abnormality (damage or wear such as holes, gold or grooves). Clean the jaw with jaw-specific oil. Clean the machine's body with air or damp cloth with neutral detergent, and then dry it
  • If the battery is discharged during use, cool the heat of the machine for at least 10 minutes and then use it again. (Continuous use of a tool without a break can cause the machine to be over loaded and result in defects.)
  • After 10,000 presses, send the instrument to the designated service center for inspection. (Annual inspection is recommended)
  • * If oil leaks from the machine, do not touch it
  • Wear protective glasses during usage.
Short flash
Insert battery
Self check O.K
20second On
before pressure
No battery
Flashes for 20second
after pressure
Demand A/S
Flashes for 20second
High temperature
Device over
Illuminates for
20 second and
flashes intermittently
after pressure
Demand A/S &