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What is pipert?

Pipert an abbreviation for Pipe Expert as an integrated brand of Samyoung Metal products



Weldless press joint
Easy and quick piping



Pipe-to-pipe connection
Customer trust



Pipe fitting specialist

Weldless press joint
Easy and quick piping

Pipe-to-pipe connection
Customer trust

Pipe fitting specialist

Logo Concept

This image, expressed with a lowercase word mark, represents the easy and quick piping technology of pipert,
and employs the visual characteristics of the letter r to emphasize
that the company specializes in pipe fittings. A smart corporate image and excellent technology are captured by the red color letter.

Material & Performance


We produce all types of Stainless steel press-type Pipe fittings (150 types) with STS 304 (27 kinds) and also STS 316 (32 kinds) upon order.


We use EPDM rubber to achieve a maximum instantaneous temperature of 150℃. For long-term application, 80℃ or less normal temperature is recommended.

Features of pipert

Tupress (KS B 1547-Double Type)

Fittings and pipes are dually compressed as circle (rubber ring) and hexagon (water bucket) in Tupress system. This results in strong joining
and also leads to hydraulic pressure maintenance function based on rubber ring’s pressure variation.


After pressed

EQ Joint (KS B 1547-General Type)

A stainless steel piping compression-type connection method where the fitting and the pipe are triol-pressed together in a circular (O-ring) and hexagonal (body) to ensure connection strength and maintain water pressure according to the compression deformation of the rubber ring.


After pressed

pipert product / O-ring (EPDM) Test Report

O-ring (EPDM) Test Report
EQ Joint
EQ Pipe
EQ Ballvalve

Stainless Steel Pipe for General Piping (KS D 3595)

Stainless Steel Welded Pipe & Tubes

  • Standard : KS D 3595 / JIS G 3448 / ASTM A269
  • Usage : Water supply, drainage, hot and cold-water piping, electric piping, fire-extinguishing piping, etc. (Apartment, hospital, factory, etc.)
  • Material : STS 304, STS 316L
  • Scope : KS D 3595, JIS G 3448, ASTM A269
  • Grade : 304, 316L

EQ Ball Valve - STS integrated press ball valve


  • Raw material : Stainless steel (STS 304)
  • Test pressure Body pressure : 2.94 MPa / Leakage : 1.74 Mpa
  • Usage pressure : 0.98 MPa 10K
  • Life-time : same as STS pipe life-time
  • Constructability : press type (labor cost reduction)
  • Certificate : Patent No. 10-1236872 / General-Type KC certified product


  • It is economical, despite being a press type stainless steel.
  • Leakage frequency is reduced since there are no screwed parts.
  • There is no concern about corrosion, and The water quality is clean.
  • FULL BORE can supply sufficient flow rate.
  • It is easy to construct insulation by lengthening the neck (STEM).
  • Valves should be cut and replaced if they need to be repaired, but the possibility of malfunction is low.
      ※ Union type ball valve will likely be cut and replaced during repair.

Dual pressure Ball valve